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6424 Belmead as seen in Christie’s Great Estates magazine, Issue One 2010

6424 Belmead: Christie's Great Estates

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Preservation Dallas tells about East Dallas-Lakewood and all it’s charm

Preservation Dallas has a Facebook fan page that is a great resource for events regarding Dallas architectural interests, facts about neighborhoods in our city, and everything else from landmarks to landscaping to the latest scoop from City Hall. I recommend becoming a fan – Their posts are truly educational.

Today, Preservation Dallas provided a Facebook post that summed up East Dallas’ neighborhoods (aka Lakewood and surrounding areas). I want to share it here on my blog because it pays tribute to most of the charming neighborhoods embedded in East Dallas, which, in my opinion, should be talked about more:

“Lakewood proper is surrounded by a collection of old-fashioned neighborhoods, generally developed from the early 1900s to the 1950s, including Lakewood Heights, Junius Heights Historic District (Bungalow Heaven), Parks Estates, Caruth Terrace, Wilshire Heights, Mockingbird Heights, Mockingbird Meadows, The Gated Cloisters, Hillside, Gastonwood-Coronado Hills, Hollywood Heights, and Belmont; among others.
Commonly, people outside these neighborhoods group them together under the heading of Lakewood, The M-Streets, or Old East Dallas – which are overlapping regions in the near-eastern part of the city. Historic Swiss Avenue (Mansion Row) anchors the area towards Downtown. Currently, there are a large number of Historic and Conservation Districts reflecting prodigious numbers of Craftsman, Prairie-Four Squares, Tudors, Spanish and Mediterranean Eclectic and Early Ranch homes, many of native Austin stone. The homes range from two-bedroom bungalows to massive estates on acreage. There is also a fair number of duplexes, four-plexes and very small apartment complexes. Some of the older homes are being torn down in favor of much larger, more expensive homes.”

And many people enjoy the eclectic feel of Lower Greenville, the area adjacent to Greenville Avenue in east Dallas, which has many well-known bars and restaurants that aren’t shy in celebrating any special occasion.

Granada Theater photo by Paul Ridenour

Lakewood Neighborhood Association has a website that you may enjoy surfing around to learn more, or call me, I’m always happy to answer questions about these neighborhoods and the homes within.
– Becky

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